The Countdown Problem

Abstract There is a game called Albert’s Insomnia where you’re dealt four cards (ranging from 1-12 with 4 of each in the deck). The goal is to create consecutive numbers by using the four basic operations $(+, -, \times, \div)$ and grouping. You can only use each number once, but ... Read More

A Response to the Tricky Apple Tree Probability Problem

Recently, one of my favorite youtubers,¬†Presh Talwalkar, released the video that’s down below. He goes over two methods to solve the problem, one being the official answer and the other being his own solution using simple equations. I’d like to offer a third solution that uses an Absorbing Markov chain¬†to ... Read More

How to put Math into WordPress

Using MathJax on a WordPress Site

LaTeX has long since been the standard for formatting scientific and mathematical papers due to its plethora of typesetting codes. Just being able to type up a math equation like you would write it down on paper makes it an indispensable tool. Thankfully, for WordPress users, there is a plugin ... Read More

Alignment of Bodies in Orbital Motion

An Approach to Synodic Periods through Modular Arithmetic

The Problem Two objects are in a concentric circular orbit, with object $A$ making one revolution in $f$ units of time and object $B$ making one revolution in $g$ units of time. If the two objects are in alignment at time $t_0=0$, how long until they are in alignment again? ... Read More

First Data Cleaning Post

Transform Raw DataThis dataset contains the attendance records from an after-school tutoring center from August 2014 to June 2017. I'll be cleaning up the dataset in this post, and practicing the idea that data is immutable. I'll be using pandas to manipulate the data because it is such a versatile ... Read More