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In order to better learn open source tools, I’ll be using python and octave to solve problems from various mathematical textbooks that I have. The first book that I’ll be working through is Mathematical Modeling by Mark M. Meerschaert because this was the referenced textbook in my Math Modeling class at UNR. We were expected to use Maple to solve the problems in each chapter, and while I thoroughly enjoyed writing equations in 2D math and having the computer do symbolic computation, I will opt instead to use open source tools that can be integrated into any project.


  • Mathematical Modeling

    1. One Variable Optimization
    2. Multivariable Optimization
    3. Computational Methods for Optimization
    4. Introduction to Dynamic Models
    5. Analysis of Dynamic Models
    6. Simulation of Dynamic Models
    7. Introduction to Probability Models
    8. Stochastic Models
    9. Simulation of Probability Models